Report of Mr. Tamura

05/12/2012 15:16







Dec 1

From Manila to Silay Airport I took the Cebu Pacific Airline for the first time from terminal to arrival. I think the trip was an adventure because I cannot speak English fluently. I am annoyed I cannot read some written text in the ticket. It was mentioned about bringing of baggage inside and the plane’s allowable weight and the excess with the amount. And last time Mr. Goto and Mr. Suzumura accompanied me but this time I have to go to Silay City by myself and I felt worries when I got the procedure to ride the plane.

And the result there was no problem. So, I had sighed of relief. The plain arrived at the Silay Airport on time. And after that I got a BBQ for dinner at the IKAW-AKO International Training Center.




目に付く範囲では、取りきれて満足しましたが、周りにゴミが多量にあるので、また苗木に引っ掛かってしまうでしょう。大人数でまめな清掃活動 を続けることが必要です。





Dec 2nd

I went to Dap-dap on this day and pick-up garbage. Dap-dap is one of the places where IKAW-AKO planted trees.

I cannot pick up all of the garbage so I expect the residence to clean up around the trees area.

There are many trees at that place and sadly some roots are twined around by garbage. 


So I removed it. But there are many trashes around the trees. So we must continue cleaning up around the trees as usual.

The members of the tree planting organization are very friendly and often laugh so it is very easy to talk to them. I expect their development due to their effort and bridge from their home to the planting site.


I ate my lunch at the terrace under the mangrove trees and I strolled along the bamboo bridge and went to Tom Tower on evening. I spent the good time with warm wind under the sun!!.

 I gave all the time with mangrove on Dec 2nd.



田村 真佐志