Travel By Air(空路)

Bacolod-Silay New Airport (Bacolod Airport)バコロドーシライ空港

Traveling from Manila or Cebu is the easiest way to Bacolod-Silay New Airport. It will take you 45 mins or an hour by plane from Manila and 30-40 mins from Cebu. The airport is just 5 minutes away from the training center. We have free shuttle services from the center.


Travel By Sea(海路)

BREDCO Port (Bacolod Seaport)バコロド港。

There are two forms to travel by sea - through ferries and Roro service.  From the center, it will take 40 minutes to Bacolod seaport. We charge P500/head for shuttle service (one way) or take a public utility jeepneys which cost around P50 or a taxi/cab which cost P350-P500 from the center. There are large shipping companies like WG&A Philippines Inc, Sulpicio Lines and Negros Navigation. Travel time from Manila-Bacolod will take 18 hrs while a trip Iloilo-Bacolod is 45 mins. Using the RoRO service is similar to use the ferry service. Only in this case, you will board a bus that will roll on and roll out the ports.

海路では大型船での移動となります。バコロド港からトレーニングセンターまでは、40分程度かかります。一人当たり500ペソで、当センターからお迎えに参ります。ジプニー、バス等を使うと50ペソ、タクシーを使うと350-500ペソほどになります。大型船の提供会社はWG&A Philippines IncやSulpicio Lines and Negros Navigation 等があります。(予約方法等はページ下部参照)マニラーバコロドは18時間程度、イロイローバコロドは45分程度になります。

Travel By Land(陸路)

Bacolod South or North Bus Terminal 南バコロド、北バコロドバスターミナル

Travel by land are prefer to take if coming from Cebu-Bacolod or vice versa. There are two major bus terminals in Bacolod, the South and the North Bus Terminal. From Cebu Ciy there is a more scenic route going to Negros Occidental or the capital city, Bacolod.  Go to nearby Toledo City and take a ferry  through a bus or a cab to San Carlos, Negros Occidental. When you get to Negros Occidental via San Carlos port, bus route depends passing through other cities going North Bus Terminal with a longer travel time or pass by Don Salvador Benedicto with a shortest travel time to South Bus Terminal. But apparently, North Bus Terminal is nearer going to the center. And from the bus terminals, we charge P500/head going to center or you can take a public utility vehicle.



From Manila to Bacolod

By Air

It is a 45 mins or an hour flight from Manila to Bacolod-Silay International Airport by air.  Major airline companies such as Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines and Zest Air have daily flights that will take you to the said airport.


By Sea(海路)

Ferries are also available from Manila to Bacolod Seaport. And it will take almost one day to travel.



From Cebu to Bacolod

By Air

It is 40 minutes flight from Cebu. There are 2 airlines connect Cebu to Bacolod-Silay New Airport daily.


  • Airphil Express
  • Cebu Pacific

By Land

You can also take a bus from Cebu. It takes 7-10 hrs depending on the route. The shortest one is Cebu-San Carlos-Don Salvador Benedicto-Bacolod South Bus Terminal.


  • Ceres Bus 


From Iloilo to Bacolod

By Sea(海路)

It is 1hr and few minutes from Iloilo by fast craft to Bacolod Seaport. There are three (3) shipping companies that have daily trips from Iloilo-Bacolod or vice versa.


Ferry is also available from Dumangas, Iloilo to Bacolod Seaport for 4hrs travel duration.


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