Student`s Update

26/03/2014 14:32
For the past 2 months we had a total of 19 trainees and all had completed there training with learnings and volunteer experience. For English Class, lessons took were related to activity in the afternoon, so trainees had given time for their preparation. Different activities were set for trainees...

Forwarded Brochures to Japan!

29/05/2013 08:49
Brochures were sent recently to Japan for distribution expected arrival next week. Now, we are hoping more students to come this coming summer season. This is the best time to invite Japanese friends since they have enough time to think and be encourage to spend their summer holidays here in the...

Additional Facility

24/05/2013 09:34
Another facility which is the toilet was put up here at the training center. This is just a temporary for conveneience purpose whenever the training center is loaded of students, staff and teachers have their own toilet to use.    

Skype Class for English and/or Hiligaynon Language!

23/05/2013 09:35
Skype Class for English and Hiligaynon language is now offer. IKAW-AKO Training Center is trying to reach out for those who are interested to learn English and/or Hiligaynon language but can`t come to Philippines for busy schedule. So, now no worries because this would be possible at student`s...

Update on IKAW-AKO Training Center Brochure

22/05/2013 08:50
Today, preparation of brochure (newly revised) to be transmitted to Japan. About (2) two thousand copies will be distributed to schools and companies. Hope can encourage Japanese friends to come and join the training center on summer (Aug-Sept) or during their hollidays.  Students will not...

Hiligaynon/Ilonggo Class!

21/05/2013 13:52
A trial class for Hiligaynon/Ilonggo was started last May 15, 2013. Hiligaynon/Ilonggo language is spoken widely in Western Visayas in the Philippines. We are offering this language tutorial for foreigners who are interested on this language for better communication to local...

Visiting House of Friendship

24/04/2013 16:08
As part of of our interaction, our students visited House of Friendship, an NGO that supports person with disability by sending them to school, food and shelter. They had interaction and lunch together. They prepared Japanese food for Filipino friends and green tea for drinks. Filipino friends...

Training Center Workbook

23/04/2013 15:19
IKAW-AKO Training Center had come-up with its own workbook for students. Lessons made were related to environmental and volunteering works of the foundation. These will not only help students in learning English skills but at the same time help them become aware of the activities of the...

Friendship Diiner of 8th Chikyuno Arukikata Tour

21/03/2013 14:09
Last night was the Friendship Dinner of Chikyuno Arukikata Tour 8th Batch at Nature`s Village Resort, Talisay City. It was a 3-day tour in Silay City and nearby city Talisay and Bacolod. The participants had their mangrove planting at Balaring coastal area, tree planting at Sto. Lantawan, Brgy....

8th Batch Chikyuno Arukikata

19/03/2013 10:17
Yesterday, arrival of 14 Japanese students, participants of Chikyuno Arukikata Tour. On the first day City tour within Silay City. Visit the Catholic church, public plaza,market. And lunch at Sunburst Resort. After lunch was the orientation about their schedule and dance practice for school...
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Report of Mr. Tamura

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