Accomodation / 宿泊施設





The training center is consisted of four (4) rooms with two (2) twin rooms and one (1) single room. It has a small library and an office.  This is being managed by a Filipino manager. And there are 4 booths or study area for one-on-one lesson. There are air-conditioners for each room. And in the case of twin rooms there is a sink where you can use for face and hand washing. There is a dining area near the kitchen where you can take your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And there is bamboo house where you can relax, have some drinks and grilled BBQ (grilled pork) outside. There are several kinds of fruit trees within the lawn and can be eaten when time comes, and small vegetable plows also. It will make the finest organically grown way. The vegetable will be cooked and offer to you. Leaf litter or dead plants were decomposed as soil organic matter and help nourish the plows. We are seriously thinking about the nature and aiming for nature friendly or eco-friendly environment here at the training center.

The center is located at the residential area and is secured where fences surrounded within the premises.  It is within the proper of Silay City and very accessible to market, hospital and airport.

Facilities / 施設・設備

  • 無線インターネット - ADSL internet wifi
  • エアコン - aircon
  • シャワー・トイレ (冷水のみ) - shower toilet (only cold water)
  • シンク(ツインルームのみ) - sink (only in twin rooms)
  • 冷蔵庫・電子レンジ・ガスコンロ・炊飯器・洗濯機・電気ケトル (共同)  - Refrigerator, gas burner, washing machine, electric kettle, rice cooker (for common use)
  • 食器・調理器具(共同) - dishes and cooking machine
  • ミニ図書ブース - small library
  • バンブーハウス - bamboo house
  • 物干し場 - clothes drying space
  • ミニ菜園・コンポスト - small plows corn post


Meals / 食事



Breakfast and lunch will be served Monday-Friday and we will offer you the Filipino food suitable for Japanese.

In the case of dinner you can cook by yourself or go to restaurants. There are many restaurants and stores where you can buy foods.


Housekeeping / 清掃・洗濯


The cleaning staff will clean the sharing space/ common area every day. The room cleaning and changing of linens or bed sheets are free once a week. Please inform the cleaning schedule to the manager. In the case of cloth washing you have to pay the fee of laundry detergents in case the center will provide.


Airport Shuttle / シャトルサービス



The shuttle service from Silay airport is for free please inform us ahead of time, the schedule of your arrival at the airport.

The shuttle service from Bacolod City and Bacolod Seaport will cost Php500 per head. So please inform us also whether you need the service.