Schedule of Activity 今週のアクティビティー予定

26/02/2013 09:16

Today, afternoon activity will be coastal clean-up at Sto. Bongol within Silay City. Where members of BoMPA (Bongol Mangrove Planters Association) will be joining of the said activity. Public elementary school will be visited also for student`s interaction. For the week to include is environmental lecture at Brgy. II for youth and community and Japanese lesson for the members of BaMPA (Balaring Mangrove Planters Association).

今日の午後のアクティビティーは海岸清掃活動。シライ市内のボンゴルにある、BoMPA(Bongol Mangrove Planters Association)のメンバーや、小学生も参加する予定です。今週は、Brgy Ⅱで若者や地域の人向けの環境講座を開いたり、BaMPA(Balaring Mangrove Planters Association)のメンバー向けに日本語講座を開く予定をしています。