About Negros Occidental

The Province of Negros Occidental where Silay City belong as one of the cities of the province was considered as the 4th largest island in the Philippines. Occupies  the northern and western part of the Negros Island and known as the "sugar bowl" of the country because of sugar as its main product. The said province produces more than half of the country`s sugar where about 15 sugar centrals are located.

シライ市のあるネグロス・オキシデンタル州はネグロス島にあり、ネグロス島はフィリピンで4番目に大きな島だと言われています。ネグロス島は"sugar bowl"の名で知られており、その名の通り、砂糖が主な産物なのです。フィリピン全体の砂糖生産量の半分以上がここネグロス島で生産されています。


The wealth of Negros Occidental is always its beautiful land, the charm of the people and the cuisine. The festival of the province is the Panaad sg Negros also known as the "Festival of all Festivals in Negros". It is the colorful presentation of individual festivals of 13 cities and 19 municipalities as it sub divide the province.

ネグロス・オキシデンタル州は常に素晴らしい土地と魅力的な人々や料理に囲まれています。この地域のお祭りは"Festival of all Festivals in Negros"として知られており、13の市と19の自治体が集まってなされるカラフルなお祭りです。


The province has also lots of travel destinations as well as beaches and resorts were people from nearby provinces and tourist can visit and offer an overnight accomodations.


Here were some of the famous:



 The Ruins (in Talisay City)


 One of the most visited tourist destinations and one of the grandest mansion built during 1900s in Negros      Occidental. A 10km from Silay City.

観光客が最もよく訪れる名所のひとつで、1900年代に建てられた立派な建築物です。 シライ市から10km


  Lakawon Island Resort (in Cadiz Ctiy)

  About 51km from Silay City. A white sand island wih clear blue waters that offers diving, surfing and jet skiing.




Northland Hotel & Resort (in Manapla)

A 45 minutes travel distance from Silay City. Features outdoor swimming pool for kids and adults, hotel with bar, lounge, restaurant, fitness center, and mini grocery.



 Butterfly Farm (in Cadiz City)  

 More than 1,700 species can be seen in the butterfly sanctuary.



  Carbin Reef (in Sagay City)

  A white sand with a wide variety of underwater species best for swimming and snorkeling. About 82km           northeast of Bacolod City.

白い砂、様々な生き物を見ることができ、泳ぎやシュノーケルに最適。 バコロドの北東。シライ市から約82km。


 Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park (in La Carlota City)

A best experience in treking and climbing. The highest peak in Negros where an hour drive southeast of Bacolod City,and another half an hour drive to Guintubdan  where the trek starts going to Mt. Kanla-on. And other shortest way is from  Murcia a 20 minute drive from the heart of Bacolod City and and another 20 minute    drive east of Murcia to Mambukal Mountain Resort. Mambukal is the eastern foot of the volcano and where you also begin treking to Mt. Kanla-on.

トレッキングやクライミングに最適。ネグロスで最も高い山。バコロド市南東から車で1時間半でGuintubdanに着き、そこからKanla-on山に登り始めることができる。一番近い行き方は、バコロド市中心から車でMurcia経由でMambukal Mountain Resortに行く方法である。Mambukalは火山のふもとにあり、ここからもKanla-on山に登り始めることができる。


Campomanes Bay (in Sipalay City)

Another best tourists destination in Negros Occidnetal in all time of the year because of the beauty of the bay. Excellent place for diving, skiing and even kayaking.



Victorias Milling Campany (in Victorias City) 

An approximately 45 minutes travel from Bacolod City. Considered as one of the biggest sugar mill and refinery in the world. Open for tours everyday except for weekend and Monday.